Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Shop Spotlight: The Little Mew

I recently stumbled across a girl on Instagram called Amba. She specialises in beautifully detailed polymer clay charms. Each one is hand crafted and painted to create the most precious little charms.

She creates her own unique take on fantasy and fairytale creatures such as unicorns and mermaids alongside her own creative personified spirit charms. What actually drew me to her was her little versions of Ni No Kuni Familiars. 

Ni No Kuni is a game from the people behind Studio Ghibli and Game Developers Level-5. It features little creatures which you catch and train to fight for you while you fight along side your friends and a little fairy Drippy in the RPG game on the PS3

Amba also has a great YouTube channel where you can find charm updates and even helpful tutorials! Once upon a time I tried to work with polymer clay but I didn't get on with it but she has definitely inspired me to give it another go! 

You can find lots of special pieces on her Etsy shop and she also offers a variety of finishes for each charm! I've ordered 3 charms from her, and she even made me a little Drippy charm for free which I am so touched about! As soon as they arrive I will be doing a review on her service, packaging and products!

I highly recommend you check her out and you can find all the links below!


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