Thursday, 18 December 2014

Christmas on Pinterest

Christmas is fast approaching! While I'm some of us are relaxing in the knowledge that presents bought and wrapped in November. Some of us will have a fully drawn out plan and some of us will just be winging it.

This Christmas is my first in my own flat. I wont be seeing my family this year due to housing complications and the fact they like over 3 hours away. So Scott and I decided it would be a nice chance for us to spend Christmas together and have it completely our way! The tree was up far too early, presents bought by December and wrapped a week later! The main stress I've been having is the food! We live in walking distance of a Lidl, Waitrose and a Tesco Metro and neither of us can drive. I've made comprehensive lists of what to buy and when to buy it and even where. Fingers crossed I can get veg and a turkey!

I thought I would share with you a few Pinterest boards to give you some help / ideas for Christmas!




and as a Slimming World member I've made a board with healthier options! I just thought I'd include it for anyone looking for healthier ideas!


Merry Christmas!

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