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Cicely Margo Custom Unicorn Necklace Review

Once upon a time many many years ago I discovered Cicely Margo Jewellery. I used to spend hours browsing Cicely's Flickr and admiring all the lovely pieces. It wasn't until recently that I actually made a purchase. I bought a heart necklace that I reviewed here. It's such a unique, pretty piece and if you follow Twinkie Chan, you might of seen her rocking the same necklace! Cicely also makes the most INSANE name necklaces, depending what crowds you follow online you may or may not of seen them before. Just in case you missed them here's a few photos! Miss Kika, Dolly Beast, Chubby Bunny and Shrinkle

For me this is a big deal because these have been girls / blogs I've following for a long time! I guess they're my version of celebrities. I feel inspired by them! As I had mostly only seen these necklaces on these girls I wasn't sure if they were special pieces or if I could ask for my own. I decided to ask anyway and to my surprise she was more then happy to make me a necklace! I wanted something unique that was special to me. As I'm a bit of a hugeeeeee unicorn fanatic I decided to get the word unicorn, but with a twist of course! I got it in Japanese, I asked my friends girlfriend for help on spelling and cicely set off designing the necklace for me. She did a graphic for me to show me how it would look and checked to make sure the text still read properly. 

We emailed back and forth for quite a while and she always replied quickly and was so friendly and helpful. I was ready to fork over the cash straight away but she said she would prefer to wait until I had seen the finished piece and that I was happy with it. Which I was more then happy with! 

I first emailed her on the 25th of November and I received my necklace on 7th Feb. Now I know this is ages but I was in no rush so I left it to her to work at her own pace, especially as Christmas was right in the center. She was always checking I was happy with things and asking me what I wanted and didn't want and I am so happy with the end result. It's more perfect then I could ever imagine.

I asked for a rainbow center, white outlining the rainbow and then a milky pink border around the whole necklace. One of my favourite touches is rather then just having circular holes for the jump rings she made heart and star cut outs which are SO CUTE. I also asked if I could have an 18" pastel rainbow chain.

My parcel arrived wrapped in sparkling pink tissue paper and inside was not only my fabulous necklace but being the absolute star she is she gave me a unicorn head necklace for free! 

She quoted me $55 for the necklace with the beaded chain and as it took quite a long time (which I didn't mind or mention!) she only charged me $45 and the postage was free! I think the price is very reasonable considering you are getting something 100% unique and personal. I love how she mixes acrylic and resin to make these necklaces. I've never seen anything like this and these are by far my favourite style. 

If I'm honest I have a full blown love and obsession with Cicely Margo. 
Sorry for the essay, I know why you're really here so onto the photos!


And if you follow me on Instagram (Ophycore) you might be feeling a little De Ja Vu...or it could be that I just can't stop wearing this necklace! 

To summarise I am beyond happy with this necklace. I am already in talks with Cicely about two new custom jewellery pieces. She is such a pleasure to communicate with, I don't know if i'm just lucky or she is just exceptionally kind but she is so generous to me and I can't thank her enough for what she's done (I'm aware I'm talking like she pulled me out of a burning building) Basically. JUST GO NOW. Buy these pretty things! Get involved, be a part of the Cicely Margo revolution.

She has always and will always be my favourite indie jewellery designer and if I ever get to meet her I will actually make her the biggest cake she's ever seen. For serious!

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  1. That necklace is super cute (^_^) x

    1. Thank you! I really love it! There are so many Unicorn word necklaces around and I just wanted something more special! and I definitely got it! :D <3

  2. Her stuff is so fabulous :D x


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