Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Bristol Haul April 2013

I went recently went to Bristol with my mum, "surrogate" auntie and met with two of my bristol friends (You might know them as MaliberryMakeup & JetleyMess). We had a fun day of charity shops and beauty shopping, but being on a little budget I didn't want to spend too much. So here's what I bought! 

I have wanted a Tangle Teezer for ages now but being "that" person I only wanted it in pink and for some reason I just kept putting off ordering it online, I decided to pop into Boots and see if they had one and low and behold this pretty pink baby just happened to fall into my shopping basket! 

I have also been lusting after an American Apparel neon nail polish for a while now but for some reason on the AA website these polishes retail for £9.00 and in store (at least their Bristol store) they retail for £7.00. Now I know it's only £2.00 more but I knew at some point I would be visiting Bristol again so I was happy to wait and get it at the more affordable price of £7.00!

I found a super cute rubber heart stamp for 25p and as for the other items I bought you can see them in more detail below! 

The American Apparel polish I bought was in the shade Neon Green 
I also bought two of the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter shades in Sorbet and Wild Watermelon.
I have swatched and reviewed these here

I found this really cute little case in a charity shop for 50p, I thought it would be perfect to keep in my bag for lip products and a small lip brush, it also has a huge and wonderful mirror!

My favourite find of the day is this super fun Vintage Gola T-shirt. It's long, with an all over printed design and in my favourite shade too! I love this shop as they always have such fun and unique items. 

Thank you for looking!
Have a lovely day :)

Friday, 19 April 2013

Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter Swatches and Review: Sorbet and Wild Watermelon

I've actually only owned one other Revlon Lip Butter and thats in the shade Cupcake. Sadly it was just too light for me. It did apply nicely though so I knew I wanted to try a more appropriate shade. When I saw the new shades that were being released I really wanted to try some. They're currently on a 3 for 2 offer at boots or £5.99 each at Superdrug. I decided to go for the Superdrug offer as although I only got two it saved me a few pounds as they retail for £7.99 each.

The colours I chose were Wild Watermelon and Sorbet. I originally wanted Candy Apple but my friends swayed me towards Wild Watermelon. I really love red lips but I have to be careful what products I use as my lips can get very dry. As for Sorbet it's my kind of colour! As soon as I saw it I knew I wouldn't be happy unless I left with it. 

I really enjoy the packaging, its really fun and playful but also sleek and stylish. I found it a little hard to remove the top but I imagine that is just because they were brand new. I like that the very top of the case is clear so you can see the colour, especially useful for storing your lip products the right way up!

Both of these shades are gorgeous. They're both really moisturising and balmy but also provide enough pigmentation / colour to make an impact. I am really excited to use these as the drying issues I have with most lipstick will no longer be a problem! I will say though, that Wild Watermelon is quite melty. Which may cause problems in the future or on a hot day! 

Left - Wild Watermelon | Right - Sorbet

The lip butter I owned from the original release did feel more solid, more creamy and less balmy but that is my only real experience. I have read other people felt the formula had changed or that the products was more balmy and soft. I personally really like these, I love the colours and the texture. 

I can't wait to try some more!

Have you tried any of these new shades?

Thursday, 18 April 2013

Treasure Tuesday: Alice In Wonderland

(I know it's Thursday but I actually thought i'd posted this! Yikes)

What better way to pay homage to one of my favourite things then a Treasure Tuesday post for all things Alice and Alice inspired! My favourite item in this post is the Black Milk swimsuit. 

(This is just fantastic!)

Monday, 15 April 2013

Rimmel Apocalips - First Thoughts and Swatches

I know these have been around for a while but I'm always late to hop on the lip product band wagon as they're not something I wear a lot, I suffer from quite dry lips so I tend to spend almost all of my time using lip balm, i'll even put a clear balm over lipsticks /stains because they can get THAT dry.

I personally feel with swatches the more the merrier so heres a few swatches and my first thoughts on the Rimmel Apocalips

I really love the packaging, it's sleek and stylish and I especially love the lid shape.
It has a geometric futuristic feel with a faded black design that leaves just enough visible to see the colour clearly. 

I bought 3 colours, Big Bang (400), Apocalyptic (303) and Nova (102)

The applicator has a little well in it to help with product dispersion 

L-R: Big Bang, Nova, Apocalyptic 

Big Bang



I really love the shades I picked up and even though I don't wear nudes I even think the nudes in the collection look nice! I think Nova is my favourite as I don't have other colours like it and it's definitely more wearable in the daytime. I've not had a chance to fully test these and see how long they last and how drying they are but i'm sure it's nothing a little top up wont solve! 

They're super pigmented and apply really easily. I prefer to apply my lip products with a brush but the applicator holds enough product to apply in one coat and is shaped well enough to work around the curves of your lips.

The only gripe I have is the smell. I can't pinpoint what the smell is but it to me it's a mix between watermelon and chemicals. It really puts me off but I'm hoping i'll get used to it so I can really enjoy wearing these! 

They retail at £5.99 and when I bought them they were on offer 3 for 2 so I paid £11.98 for the 3

Have you tried these? What are your favourite Apocalips shades?

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cicely Margo Custom Unicorn Necklace Review

Once upon a time many many years ago I discovered Cicely Margo Jewellery. I used to spend hours browsing Cicely's Flickr and admiring all the lovely pieces. It wasn't until recently that I actually made a purchase. I bought a heart necklace that I reviewed here. It's such a unique, pretty piece and if you follow Twinkie Chan, you might of seen her rocking the same necklace! Cicely also makes the most INSANE name necklaces, depending what crowds you follow online you may or may not of seen them before. Just in case you missed them here's a few photos! Miss Kika, Dolly Beast, Chubby Bunny and Shrinkle

For me this is a big deal because these have been girls / blogs I've following for a long time! I guess they're my version of celebrities. I feel inspired by them! As I had mostly only seen these necklaces on these girls I wasn't sure if they were special pieces or if I could ask for my own. I decided to ask anyway and to my surprise she was more then happy to make me a necklace! I wanted something unique that was special to me. As I'm a bit of a hugeeeeee unicorn fanatic I decided to get the word unicorn, but with a twist of course! I got it in Japanese, I asked my friends girlfriend for help on spelling and cicely set off designing the necklace for me. She did a graphic for me to show me how it would look and checked to make sure the text still read properly. 

We emailed back and forth for quite a while and she always replied quickly and was so friendly and helpful. I was ready to fork over the cash straight away but she said she would prefer to wait until I had seen the finished piece and that I was happy with it. Which I was more then happy with! 

I first emailed her on the 25th of November and I received my necklace on 7th Feb. Now I know this is ages but I was in no rush so I left it to her to work at her own pace, especially as Christmas was right in the center. She was always checking I was happy with things and asking me what I wanted and didn't want and I am so happy with the end result. It's more perfect then I could ever imagine.

I asked for a rainbow center, white outlining the rainbow and then a milky pink border around the whole necklace. One of my favourite touches is rather then just having circular holes for the jump rings she made heart and star cut outs which are SO CUTE. I also asked if I could have an 18" pastel rainbow chain.

My parcel arrived wrapped in sparkling pink tissue paper and inside was not only my fabulous necklace but being the absolute star she is she gave me a unicorn head necklace for free! 

She quoted me $55 for the necklace with the beaded chain and as it took quite a long time (which I didn't mind or mention!) she only charged me $45 and the postage was free! I think the price is very reasonable considering you are getting something 100% unique and personal. I love how she mixes acrylic and resin to make these necklaces. I've never seen anything like this and these are by far my favourite style. 

If I'm honest I have a full blown love and obsession with Cicely Margo. 
Sorry for the essay, I know why you're really here so onto the photos!


And if you follow me on Instagram (Ophycore) you might be feeling a little De Ja Vu...or it could be that I just can't stop wearing this necklace! 

To summarise I am beyond happy with this necklace. I am already in talks with Cicely about two new custom jewellery pieces. She is such a pleasure to communicate with, I don't know if i'm just lucky or she is just exceptionally kind but she is so generous to me and I can't thank her enough for what she's done (I'm aware I'm talking like she pulled me out of a burning building) Basically. JUST GO NOW. Buy these pretty things! Get involved, be a part of the Cicely Margo revolution.

She has always and will always be my favourite indie jewellery designer and if I ever get to meet her I will actually make her the biggest cake she's ever seen. For serious!

Cicely Margo Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/CicelyMargo
Cicely Margo Twitter: @cicelymargo
Cicely Margo Etsy: http://www.etsy.com/shop/cicelymargo
Cicely Margo Shop: http://www.cicelymargo.com/
Cicely Margo Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/plastnatic/

March Empties (A little late...)

I've never done one of these before because I never seem to get through many products. I decided 7 products was enough to finally be able to make an empties post! I've already got a few items ready for next months empties so we're off to a good start! I added a few hygiene items cause I think these are just as important as other beauty products!


1. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Frizz Remedy
I've always loved Aussie products, the way they smell is enough to tempt me to keep buying over and over again. Frizz Remedy makes my hair really soft and while it does help with the frizz a little I wouldn't say it did amazing things for my hair. I would probably switch this one of the one for long hair next time I make an Aussie purchase. 

2. Percy and Reed
I, like many others actually got this in a magazine, I think it was Glamour and I think a lot of people will agree with me when I say it's just "okay". I didn't notice any real difference to using cheaper branded conditioner. In fact I would go as far as to say it was actually worse. I tended to use it when I was travelling as it was easier to carry around then a big bottle. I wouldn't repurchase it and frankly I'm happy to see the back of it! 

3. Soap & Glory Foam Call Bodywash
I got this for free when purchasing some other S&G products. It lasted me ages and the smell was nice. I don't have much to say about it, I didn't think it was spectacular but it did what it was supposed to and kept me clean! I didn't have any complaints either. To quote tank girl "It's been swell, but the swellings gone down" 

4. Satin Care Aloe Shaving Gel

This is one of those products that doesn't make an impact on my daily life but when I stop using it I notice. I always pick it up over and over again without even thinking about it. It probably is the nicest shaving gel I've used and it's pretty cheap so thats good too! 

5. Listerine Zero

DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN, wait that's ronseal. I bought this because my boyfriend finds almost all mouth washes too intense but he used this and did't have any problems. So if you're one of those people that find's a lot of mouth washes too strong then I would give this one a go! 

6. LUSH Snow Fairy
Every christmas a buy a little bottle of this thinking it will be enough and I always run out  early in the year and get annoyed that I have to wait till december for a new bottle! Lucky for me my friend bought me another bottle for christmas! I can smell delicious for a little longer! 

7. LUSH Angels on Bare Skin
As I am writing this I am nearly finished with my second pot of this. I really love using it. It's gentle enough to use daily and helps my skin stay clean. I'm switching it out for some Liz Earle products but I'm sure i'll come back to it at some point because it's really nice to use. 

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

The Beauty of Second Hand Beauty


Today I want to talk about second hand beauty shopping. I know for some people this will be a regular thing, others it will be a no go area and for some it will be a whole new venture entirely. I know second hand beauty doesn't sound that appealing but with the right knowledge you can find lusted after products, bargains, samples for testing and many other desirable things. At a time where the internet is pretty much ruling the world and with so many people using it daily it was only a matter of time until girls (and guys!) realised they could sell there unwanted beauty products off to other people. People  who could give those neglected and unwanted items a far greater and loving home. 

I have been shopping for second hand beauty products for years, far longer then I can remember and I wouldn’t turn my back on it now, especially when the economy is so tragic (that is another long and very boring story we will avoid) and with my taste getting more and more expensive (Although this is largely for skincare and not makeup) I needed to find ways to make my obsession more affordable.

I wouldn't say I was an expert in second hand beauty shopping (If there is a such a thing) but I think with years of doing something comes experience and knowledge. I want to help you break into this world and also avoid making those "rookie" mistakes to make your journey more enjoyable. 

So what is it all about?

There are Communities on the internet dedicated to selling on second hand used and often unused goods, this has often involved beauty but I would say this has definitely increased since the appearance of Beauty Boxes. Products range from drugstore / highstreet to high end and designer beauty. There is even a group on Facebook dedicated to swapping your products with other peoples, which is a brilliant way to try new things. 

What I Avoid:

What you choose to buy is at your own discretion but there are certain items I personally choose to avoid. These are largely due to hygiene reasons and the potential bacteria buildup on products. I will happily buy eyeshadows, pigments, lipsticks, pencil eye liners, blushes and powders (and a few other items) lightly used because there are easy ways to clean them (see below). I may also buy foundations and concealers if they are in pump or a squeezable tube as they are generally quite sanitary (However the length of time they have been open is important). I will however actively avoid used products such as creams, liquid eye liners, mascara, and foundations that involve "double dipping", foundations with brush tips, concealers and lip glosses. However unused products is a different story and it's pretty much anything goes. 

Other Products that are fine to buy or that can be easily clean include: Makeup Brushes, Perfume, Hair Brushes like the Tangle Teezer, Tweezers, Eyelash Curlers (I would advise picking one with spare rubber pads), Nail Polish etc. 

At the end of the day it's all down to what you feel comfortable with, if you hate the idea of using makeup someone else has used then just look out for the unopened items, if you're happy to use liquid eyeliners, cream, foundations etc then go for it! These are just my personal preferences. Although when asking on BBS what items they would suggest avoiding they common consensus was "Avoid used mascara! Whether selling or buying."


When it comes to cleaning make-up there are lots of ways to do it. For brushes you can use baby shampoo or purpose built brush cleansers. For makeup you can use surgical spirit / rubbing alcohol and for eyeliners you can simply sharpen them.

For a better insight into cleaning products I suggest the following links:

How to Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes by TheBeautyDepartment

You can also find more links and other help by googling :)

I think it's important to remember that although products may have been used by other people you can safely clean them. Makeup artists use the same shadows and powers on people everyday, this isn't a problem as long as they clean and look after their products correctly. This means that you to for little money can take advantage of previously used makeup. 


Theres a well known saying in the car world that once you drive a car off of the sellers tarmac it instantly starts losing value, the same goes for most makeup, Once you purchase an item that people can still get in store it's unlikely you'll manage to get full value for it, especially if the postage they pay will be more then if they went and bought the item in store themselves. For rare and hard to find items you can sometimes get more then it's originally worth but don't "take the piss" because people aren't stupid. If you get a lot of items for free and start selling them at high prices it may give you a bad reputation if you're blogging or bragging out a freebie and then asking for a tenner. This isn't however to say you can't sell off gifts, everyone does it, but if someone tries to haggle don't get offended. Try to price your items fairly and reasonably (If you want them to sell!) and always be polite. That goes even if someone is annoying you.

Where can you do it?

There are lots of ways to shops for second hand beauty products but I’m just going to list a few for you!

TSUK is a Live Journal community where people sell everything from clothes to makeup to books to trinkets. You can easily find high-end makeup for sale and people are often happy to combine the price on multiple items. You will need to of been a member of Live Journal for at least 6 months before you can become a member of this community. This can be a bit of a hassle but I advice signing up and forgetting about it for 6 months and when you remember you can simply send a request to be accepted to the community

 Beauty Box Swappers

BBS is a Facebook group that (I assume) came about after the Beauty Box boom, giving girls a place to swap there unwanted beauty box items. It's a great place to swap and buy makeup, it's especially great for picking up a high-end full or sample size products cheaply. BBS is a great place to find offers for beauty sites (I managed to get a Rodial Hand Cream for £7.25 that was worth £39.00 because of an offer a girl had poster). It's also a great place to make friends. Remember: don't be afraid to ask for advice! 

Nice Boots

Nice Boots is similar to TSUK, it's a Live Journal Community where you can often find beauty products for sale, I think it's easier to find products on TSUK but I believe Nice Boots have a less intense set of "joining regulations"

Blog Sales
Another great way to find second hand beauty products is Blog Sales. If you follow a lot of blogs eventually you'll find a sale or two on a few of them, another good way to find them is google, but make sure you choose ones in the UK to save on postage, I would also check out the blog / any links just to make sure they're reputable.  

Selling / Swapping

If you want to start selling and swapping your goods I have a few tips for you (again these are from my experience, I don't want to generalise people or offend anyone!)

  • A good, in focus photograph will probably grab more attention, I prefer to see a few items in a photo then 20, but that's just so I can see the real detail of a product. If you only have a camera phone don't let that stop you, just make sure you give good information about the contents of the image. This will make it easier for shoppers.
  • Where possible always give information of shipping (cost, type, etc), products details, usage, and price. Often unless people REALLY want a product they wont go to the effort of asking for all the details, a good deal /  bargain is always a good buying enticement.
  • BE POLITE, I cannot stress enough how important this is. If someone asks you to combine postage or drop the price don't be rude with your reply. People are often trying to find ways to save money and pinch pennies. Don't take it personally, just politely decline if you're not interested. 
  • Have a little patience. It's a virtue. Sometimes items wont sell straight away, if you're selling £11 nail polish for £5 and it doesn't get snapped up instantly just wait. Don't keep dropping the price as this will serve no benefit to you and can leave you out of pocket. 
  • Every site will have it's own rules and regulations on reposting or "bumping" your sales. Make sure you read these rules before making a sales post. I would say once a week or more is a safe. No one wants to be hounded with the same sale post 5 times a day!

Now for a few pro's and con's of second hand beauty shopping. 


  • You get a chance to try products you might not be able to afford on a whim
  • If you can pick up samples or travel size products these are really great to "test drive" high end products before forking out for them, sometimes you can even get full sizes of the products at a cheaper price then in store. 
  • It can be a great way to make friends and meet new people 
  • If you're a monthly subscriber to Beauty Boxes you will often get products you don't want or need, this is a great way to pass on those items and a great way to find the items you missed out on
  • A good way to get ahold of discounts, coupon codes and offers.
  • A great way to get makeup at cheaper prices, single items from ktis / multi packs, or Limited Edition items. 


  • It's important to be careful with the type of items you've buying, be aware of hygiene and dates. If a product like a cream or a foundation is from a collection 5 years ago it may be alright if it's completely unopened but it may also cause more problems for your skin then good. This is particularly relevant with LUSH or any natural / paraben free products, always check the dates! 
  • You may have to commit extra time to cleaning a product 
  • Sometimes items can get lost in the post and sometimes you will come across bad sellers or scammers, this is why I suggest getting postal insurance where you can and if you can always use Paypal. Don't send money as a gift unless you're 100% sure that the seller is legit. 

Hints and Tips
  • Be friendly, if you're interested in something be polite and friendly
  • Don't enquire about items if you know you can't afford it
  • It's okay to haggle, but don't be cheeky. People are often pricing items at a great loss and if you ask them to half that price again it can come across as rude. 
  • When swapping try to swap items of equal or similar value, don't ask to swap a rimmel eye liner for a MAC one. I promise you it wont go down well. 
  • Don't undersell yourself on postage. Postage rates in the UK are quite high these days so don't undersell yourself. If you're selling a nail polish for £2.00 don't charge less then it will cost because at £2.60 to send a second class packet you're actually losing that polish and 60p! It's better to wait a little longer for someone who will pay the £2.00 + £2.60 postage then to try and flog it quickly and realise you're actually losing money. 
  • Also take advantage of samples of expensive products that catch your eye, you can often pick up sample / mini's for a few quid. If you're interested in a MURAD product that retails for £50 you can hunt down a sample / mini size to test out before making that big spending leap. 
    Just don't blame me if you fall in love with a clinique moisturiser only to find out it retails at £40 (We've all been there!) 
  • This last one is the most valuable piece of advice I can give anyone when shopping online for beauty. If you've never seen it in real life. GOOGLE IT. Google for reviews, swatches, youtube videos. Anything that will help you get a better idea of that product, I suggest looking for at least 4 - 5 different sources. So you can get a good idea.

Thank you for reading! I hope this helped, if you have any questions feel free to email me or comment below! 

Monday, 1 April 2013

Peppermint Puff Introduces The Colossal Cutie Collection (And a cheeky promo code!)


I have just listed my first collection on Etsy.
It's only a small collection but it's my first and I am very proud to bring it to you. Even if it has taken me a lot longer then I had hoped. Below is a preview of most of the pieces from the collection!
The earrings and rings are a special favourite as each center cabochon is hand painted and designed in a unique and special way.

This collection is currently for sale on Etsy in it's own folder HERE

To celebrate this release I am offering 15% off all orders from CC (and the rest of my store) until the 5th of April! Just use the code: IMACUTIE to claim your discount
(Once you've added items to your Etsy cart simply open your Shopping Cart and to the right of your items is a section for your discount / coupon code)
Offer excludes shipping cost!


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