Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sedona Lace Brush Set Overview and Review


So this is very very very overdue. But I decided I would post it anyway as I have had a chance to fully test all of these brushes. I will have "review/conclusion" at the end of this post to express my thoughts on these brushes. I will also have a pros and cons list too.

The brush set I bought was designed by a youtuber whose channel Makeup By RenRen I have been watching for many years. I actually learnt about this brush brand however from another youtuber (Can I tell I'm youtube obsessed) called LetzMakeup

I decided to purchase this brush set as it had a selection of brushes I would actually use and need. I find a lot of sets I come across I already have at least 5 similar brushes and would just end up with doubles. 

The brush set came in a box that was sealed up with Sedona Lace tape.

Inside the box everything was neatly packaged

My brush set came inside a plastic sealed bag and that was inside a big black organza bag. They also sent me 3 small eye shadow pans for free (Which you can see below)

The brush set I bought is called the Vortex set
You can find the set and information HERE
You can also get the brush set with a belt.

When I bought the set it cost $69.95 and I also had a coupon for $4 off.
Including postage I paid $74.41(Which at the time was just under £50)

The set is currently $79.95
Although if you're in the USA then they currently have an offer for free postage over $50 using the promo code: 50FREE

What I really like is that the brushes come with a little booklet explaining each brush to you and what they can be used for

The brush set includes  13 brushes, All of which I actually love and use on a regular basis.

Each brush has sturdy black handle with Sedona Lace and the brush code embossed onto it. The design is really nice and stylish and after much abuse from me they are all still in very good condition

The biggest face brushes all come with plastic guards, I still keep these on my brushes to keep them in shape and to protect the bristles from damage and dust.

  • 13 high quality brushes
  • Unique brushes and a nice variety
  • Comes with a booklet explaining each brush
  • Designed by a makeup artist
  • Come with plastic brush guards on the bigger brushes
  • Really soft bristles

  • Some of the larger brushes shed and even worse when being cleaned
  • Quite expensive if you're on a budget

Final Thoughts

I really like these brushes, when I do my makeup these are the brushes I tend to use. The bristles are very soft and the brushes are nice to hold and easy to use. Although the price can seem a little steep I would say they are definitely worth the money. You can pay the same amount for a few MAC Brushes and I actually prefer these brushes over the MAC ones that I have. The only real downside is that I have noticed shedding on the bigger brushes which means when applying blush or powder I find the occasional hair on my face, although it's not the end of the world it can be annoying. However when cleaning a few of these brushes do shed really badly but I've seen no real problems with the brushes afterwards. If you clean your brushes a lot this might be a problem but it just isn't for me!

So I would definitely recommend these brushes and I think they are worth the money!

Thank you for reading!

Have you ever tried Sedona Lace Brushes?

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