Sunday, 31 March 2013

Recent Nail Polish Purchases


I'm far too obsessed with nail polish but sometimes I think the obsession is more with buying it then wearing it. This could be down to my job because within 30 minutes of being at work any effort I have put into my nails has become wasted. I do enjoy having a large selection of polishes to choose from though. So recently I have added a few new polishes to my collection, mostly glitter polishes which we know can be a pain to remove but they're just so pretty!

So without further ado onto the photos and swatches

From Left to Right

  • L'Oreal Top Coat in Gold Lurex
  • L'Oreal Top Coat in Confetti
  • Barry M Glitter Nail Paint in Pink Sapphire 
  • Revlon in Girly
  • Barry M Jewel Glitter Nail Paint in Amethyst 
  • MaxFactor Effects in Fantasy Fire

I am really into collecting unique shades and glitters, I've found drugstores* brands have been coming out with some really fun and different polishes!

*(The UK Equivalent of a Drugstore would be a Chemist but I think more people associate the term drugstore with the non high-end make-up brands and Chemist more with medicine! So I'm adopting the term Drugstore in my blog posts :))

Close Ups


The two polishes I love the most are Confetti and Girly. Confetti I actually have to thank Mali over at Maliberry Makeup for as she is always up to date with the blogosphere and knows whats popular. So She suggested I get Confetti and use the 3 for 2 offer and even let me have the freebie (She's such a sweetheart!) and I'm so glad I did, not only is it a really unique and special polish but it's now sold out everywhere. I've not seen it since in a single shop! 

The second is girly, I was just browsing the Revlon lip products when this polish caught my eye across the stand. I had never seen it before, it looked so different and really stood out amongst the other Revlon Polishes so I snapped it up! It's currently sitting pretty on my nails and I love it!

Thank you for reading! 

Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Products I'm Testing This Month.


I thought I would try something new this month, rather then talk about products I love, I thought I would talk about new products that I am testing this month. Then at the end of the month see weather any of the products have made it into my monthly favourites or not! 

I'm late posting this one this month so I shall carry on until the end of April so I can give each one a fair trial. This month I am testing 5 products! 

1. B. Pure Micellar Water
My eyes are really sensitive and I have a lot of trouble finding a makeup remover that doesn't irritate my eyes. I was using Ultrabland from Lush but after a few months of using it, it started to make my eyes feel uncomfortable and left them feeling heavy and sore. So I asked on Beauty Box Swappers for some recommendations and this one was affordable and easy to get a hold of. So I picked up a bottle. you can use it as a daily cleanser but I'm just interested in the makeup removing properties. So far so good, I haven't had any problems with it yet and It removes all of my makeup easily.

2. Optrex Multi Action Eye Wash
Staring at screens all day has been wreaking havoc on my eyes recently. I am using this after removing my makeup and on days where I've been looking at screens a lot and it has really helped so far. It's also amazing to see what is still floating around your eye after removing your make-up!

3. Murad Exfoliating Blemish Treatment Gel
I bought this in a blog sale from Jade at JetleyMess as I had heard good things about Murad and I'm willing to try anything to get rid of my Milia. Along with daily light exfoliation I read a few people had used this for Milia, It might not help at all but I have it so I might as well give it a try. 

4. Garnier Moisture Match in Goodbye Dry
I saw these advertised a few times and really liked the idea. I bought the Shine Be Gone and Good Bye Dry. At the moment I am testing Good Bye Dry as the weather is causing real problems with my skin. I do think this could make my Milia worse in the long run but Ill take that risk as it's just so cold!  

5. Rosebud Strawberry Lip Balm
My friends have been using this for a long time and I was always recommended it but I can't really justify £8 on a lip balm. I suffer from constant dry lips. It seems no matter what I use or how much water I drink they are dry. This means I barely ever use lipsticks or glosses or lip products because they look nasty on my dry lips. However I spotted this on sale for £4 and with a little push form Jade & Ali I decided to go for it. I was worried about the smell / taste at first as I don't like artificial fruit flavours in lip products but I must admit I'm already incredibly impressed with it. 

Thank's for reading! 
What are you testing this month?

Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Sedona Lace Brush Set Overview and Review


So this is very very very overdue. But I decided I would post it anyway as I have had a chance to fully test all of these brushes. I will have "review/conclusion" at the end of this post to express my thoughts on these brushes. I will also have a pros and cons list too.

The brush set I bought was designed by a youtuber whose channel Makeup By RenRen I have been watching for many years. I actually learnt about this brush brand however from another youtuber (Can I tell I'm youtube obsessed) called LetzMakeup

I decided to purchase this brush set as it had a selection of brushes I would actually use and need. I find a lot of sets I come across I already have at least 5 similar brushes and would just end up with doubles. 

The brush set came in a box that was sealed up with Sedona Lace tape.

Inside the box everything was neatly packaged

My brush set came inside a plastic sealed bag and that was inside a big black organza bag. They also sent me 3 small eye shadow pans for free (Which you can see below)

The brush set I bought is called the Vortex set
You can find the set and information HERE
You can also get the brush set with a belt.

When I bought the set it cost $69.95 and I also had a coupon for $4 off.
Including postage I paid $74.41(Which at the time was just under £50)

The set is currently $79.95
Although if you're in the USA then they currently have an offer for free postage over $50 using the promo code: 50FREE

What I really like is that the brushes come with a little booklet explaining each brush to you and what they can be used for

The brush set includes  13 brushes, All of which I actually love and use on a regular basis.

Each brush has sturdy black handle with Sedona Lace and the brush code embossed onto it. The design is really nice and stylish and after much abuse from me they are all still in very good condition

The biggest face brushes all come with plastic guards, I still keep these on my brushes to keep them in shape and to protect the bristles from damage and dust.

  • 13 high quality brushes
  • Unique brushes and a nice variety
  • Comes with a booklet explaining each brush
  • Designed by a makeup artist
  • Come with plastic brush guards on the bigger brushes
  • Really soft bristles

  • Some of the larger brushes shed and even worse when being cleaned
  • Quite expensive if you're on a budget

Final Thoughts

I really like these brushes, when I do my makeup these are the brushes I tend to use. The bristles are very soft and the brushes are nice to hold and easy to use. Although the price can seem a little steep I would say they are definitely worth the money. You can pay the same amount for a few MAC Brushes and I actually prefer these brushes over the MAC ones that I have. The only real downside is that I have noticed shedding on the bigger brushes which means when applying blush or powder I find the occasional hair on my face, although it's not the end of the world it can be annoying. However when cleaning a few of these brushes do shed really badly but I've seen no real problems with the brushes afterwards. If you clean your brushes a lot this might be a problem but it just isn't for me!

So I would definitely recommend these brushes and I think they are worth the money!

Thank you for reading!

Have you ever tried Sedona Lace Brushes?

Monday, 25 March 2013

7 Things in 7 Days


This is actually a post I saw on Sprinkle of Glitter's blog. You write 7 things you wish to achieve in a certain amount of time. I am going to be doing 7 Things in 7 Days. I'm also a sucker for making lists to this sounds fun. Sorry if I waffle on at first! 

On Mondays I will list 7 things I wish to achieve through out the week and at the end of the week (Sunday night) I will blog about how I got on. Then on the following monday will post a new 7 things and start the process all over again!

I am doing this in the hope to motivate myself and stop me procrastinating at every opportunity.

Dance: I hopped back on the "Slimming World without actually going to a group" diet last week, My family have been going for years and through them I've learnt it backwards so I don't bother going along but If I fail to really get anywhere this time I may consider joining officially even just for the moral support. In 5 days I have lost 2lbs (Not bad considering thursday night involved brownies and cookies!) Along with the diet I am trying to exercise where I can but as the Gym / Pool I go to involves someone with a car It's hard to go regularly. However I recently got my hands on a new XBOX 360 with Kinect and as I had heard good things about it I took the plunge and ordered Dance Central 1 and 2. A lot of the music isn't to my taste but I can deal with it in the hope it might lose me some weight. 


Use Dance Central at least 3 times this week for at least 20 Minutes
(Ill start off simple as my asthma is pretty shocking sometimes haha)

Blog: I've been pretty M.I.A for a while so my aim this week is to blog at least 3 times. I also want to start some regular features and think of new and interesting things to blog about that doesn't involve me going out and spending money.

List: I have been telling people over at my Peppermint Puff Fan Page that I have a collection coming out for nearly 3 months, despite the collection being finished and photographed I STILL haven't listed it on Etsy so my aim this week is to get cracking and get it listed! 

Research: I went to the library for the first time in years last week and decided as I need to save my pennies, that rather then buy books I might not read I would borrow some helpful ones and try and learn from them. I bought a book on Photography Lighting (Despite having a degree in the subject I think it's always good to keep learning) I also borrowed one on beaded jewellery as I've not made much jewellery involving wire, elastic and small beads. I'm more of a eye pin and pendant kind of girl. So I wanted to learn some unique and fun techniques that I can use to create different types of jewellery. 

Craft: This week I want to do something crafty! Be it decorating my positivity jar or take ideas from Super Scrimpers, I want to try and create something that doesn't cost money or that costs very little.

Clean: SPRING CLEAN THE KITCHEN. I have been putting this off for ages, maybe it is because it doesn't feel like spring yet or maybe it's because I'm too busy playing video games. Either way I have to get cracking on with the cleaning!

Write: I am a huge fan of writing letters but I don't often have anyone to send them too. My other half now lives 5 hours away on 3 trains so we have started sending each other funny fictional letters. Which to anyone else seem like madness but to us are very special. It's currently my turn to send one back so my aim this week is to finish that and send it to him! 

So thats it 7 things! The list was a lot harder to write then I thought although I am rushing to finish as I'm off to work in a minute but hopefully next weeks will be more thought out!

Thanks for reading!
I'd love to see your post if you do this too!

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Return of the Blogger and the people who brought me back


If you follow my blog you'll notice I've been pretty M.I.A (missing in action) since early January this year. The last 3 and a half months I've been ill on and off with various things. Which have both brought up a lot emotionally and really plagued me physically. Which is why I have been completely neglecting this blog, my business and my friendships. 

admittedly I had been spending a lot of time feeling sorry for myself but also had a wave of anxiety and fear that I had never experienced. But here I am in March and with help from my fabulous friends, darling boyfriend and loving family I have been able to get on with my days almost as normal and feel it's time to get back into the swing of things!

This means I have lots of blog posts coming, some new jewellery already listed in my shop and more to come, this also means I want to have a giveaway as soon as I can! 

I also want to mention that you just can't underestimate the power of the internet. One of the things that really pushed me back into this blog are 3 bloggers / Youtubers / internet ladies. Two of which I have been following for a while and one which I discovered recently. 

Maxine from Little Miss Delicious

Florrie from Intrinsically Florrie

Lousie from Sprinkle of Glitter

All 3 of these girls either suffer from a chronic illness or have been through a really hard time in their life. Both of which I can really relate to on some level. Through reading their blogs they have all taught me that despite what life throws at you you can't let it hold you back. You only live once and you just can't let you past or your illnesses define your life. These beautiful ladies work hard and apply themselves to succeed when they are in situations that a lot of people would give in to.

I just want to thank my followers, friends and family for your patience and these 3 ladies for inspiring me and I'm sure so many other people around you!

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