Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Treasure Tuesday: Shark Attack

I absolutely love sharks, but I am irrationally scared of them. To the point where I wont even go in shallow water for fear of a great white miraculously appearing on an English beach and chomping my legs off. I know, it's ridiculous, but I don't suggest trying to reason with me. (haha!) I do suggest however you check out these wonderful shark themed things!

These are currently out of stock but I hope they get restocked!

Monday, 7 January 2013

Sugar & Vice Review: Custom Vault Boy Necklace.


Today am I going to be reviewing a necklace I had custom made. This is the third Sugar & Vice necklace I own. The first I won in a giveaway, the second I reviewed a few weeks ago (very late!) and this is the third. My friend Ali recently got a custom necklace made and was very happy with it. I've really wanted this design in jewellery form for a long time. However I didn't want it to be done by just anyone.

There were 3 reasons why I chose Sugar & Vice to create my piece.

1. I had a good previous experience with them
2. I've seen many amazing examples of custom work
3. They have a variety of geeky and quirky necklaces which leads me to think they would pay attention to the details.

Now this is the design I wanted

It's from a series of games called Fallout, my favourite is Fallout 3.
I love being able to wear my interests and this is just the perfect design, obvious enough for a fan, but subtle enough to just be anything, thats what I like!

I thought this would be a simple enough design to recreate
Although at the time I neglected to pay attention to the outlines and I wondered if they would be included in the necklace!

But as you see, it all worked out for the very best.
The resemblance is uncanny, it's like it was just plucked out of the screen!
I absolutely love it.

Sugar & Vice is owned by two lovely people by the names of Sarah and Matt.
Sarah I believe does most (if not all) of the Facebook communication.

I sent a message on 20th of October, we sent ideas and messages back and forth for what was probably 3 weeks and my invoice was sent on the 8th and I paid it on the 9th.

The full necklace cost £25 + 2.50 postage and measures approx 3 x 3 inches

The communication was really good, Sarah is really friendly and helpful, the process took a while but that was from both sides, the replies were usually fast, with the very rare exception and I was also informed when she was away and that she could not be in contact during that time.

My necklace was completed on the 25th of November, with a message from Matt who had been in charge of design. 
The necklace arrived a few days later

it came in a bubble mailer and then inside a black jewellery box
with an invoice and a S&V post card.


The detail in incredible, everything is exact and perfect and I am so amazed and happy that the outlining was not only included but accurate! 

Rocking my Vault Tec T-shirt 


Communication: 5/5
Quality and Design: 5/5
Price: 4.9/5 (This is only because 5/5 would be free haha)
Accuracy: 5/5
Speed: 3.5/5 (However they are very busy at this time of year so I understand)

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