Monday, 17 December 2012

Sugar & Vice Review: Bones Bones Bones!

While reviewing my newest piece of Sugar & Vice jewellery I realised I still hadn't written or posted a review for the bone earrings and necklace I had bought a while back. At this point I can't remember exact postage times, however It was pretty fast!

This necklace actually came about when they posted their halloween items and I asked if they would or could create bone themed jewellery, sparkly bone jewellery! And low and behold a few days later some gorgeous sparkly bone jewellery appeared in their shop. I bought some earrings and a necklace.

The necklace came in this gorgeous box with Sugar & Vice printed on to it

The bones at attached earring posts and are really nice and big

The necklace has 7 bones on it which hang from a chain, I really love how realistic the bone shapes are but are also feel comical and unique. I love the way they sit on the neck.
Something else I love about this necklace which i forgot to photograph is if you flip it around the backs of the bones are white and you can wear it that way too! Making this necklace two in one! Glitter for nights out and white for a more realistic mono feel!

All Sugar & Vice necklaces have little engraved tags, what I really liked about this one was the tag was bone shaped! Which I thought was such a nice little extra touch!

Overall I am so happy with these items, I wear them a lot and always get compliments

  • Handmade, unique design
  • Amazing service, if you are a Facebook fan a lot (if not all) interaction will come from Sarah who is hands down the most legit woman I think maybe ever.
  • They listen to design ideas and also do custom orders (Review of mine coming soon!)
  • Reversible Necklace (if you want!)
  • Comes in a really cute box, well packaged and come relatively quickly 

  • You have to wait for it to arrive, this is only a con if you're an "I want it now" kind of person

You can still purchase the earrings and necklace on their Etsy shop:

Also make sure to check out the following S&V links:

Etsy Shop:
Sarah's Instagram: @sarahbdemented
Facebook Fan Page:

Hope this was helpful! I really can't recommend them enough! 

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