Saturday, 22 December 2012

Super Sassy End of Year Wishlist

As the year comes to an end, I've rounded up all the stuff I'm lusting after right now. Hopefully some of it will end up in the sales so I can get some super bargains! If not...well I guess I'll just have to hunt me down some dollars! (Or pounds...that could be more practical)

1. The Shire Skirt by Go Follow Rabbits [$45.99 Approx £30]
It's The Shire...ON A SKIRT. seriously, do you need me to go on? Cause...IT'S THE SHIRE ON A SKIRT. You know? The Shire On a....oh right yeah, I think I said that.
2. River Island Hi-Top Platform [£45]
UGH. PLATFORM TRAINERS. I don't even. and for those of you who don't know me I kind of live in trainers. Alas most of mine has worn on the sole and can no longer withstand rain...or water, or anything. So if I add a massive platform to the bottom it will take longer to wear away! Logic. Sweet platformy logic. 

3. OCC Liptar in Hoochie [£9.95]
I've been lusting after these for what feels like years and I finally got my first as a Christmas present from my friend! I got Anime which is just perfect, and now I need Hoochie! 

4. Crown and Glory Not a Lotta Rosie Headband in Aubergine Or Lilac [£15]
Gee, it sure is purdy! 
5. Miss Selfridge Edge Black Studded Shoe [£35 but currently on sale for £17]
I have never bought anything from Miss S but my friend works there so I had a little look around and spotted these shoes, I spent a while admiring them and then left empty handed, it wasn't until an hour later when I was nearly home that I realised how badly I wanted them, so I will try and grab these sooner rather then later incase then sell out! 
6. Dexter Series 5
Because Netflix stops at season 3, and after the horrendous pain that was the end of season 4 waiting to watch this has just been annoying! Hopefully soon I can bring that longing to an end! 

7. ASOS Limited Edition Skull Bracelet [£8]
I don't usually buy bracelets as I tend to live in hoodies and cardigans so they never get seen but something about this one really catches my attention, although for someone who doesn't buy bracelets £8 feels a little steep! 
8. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean for PS3
I just need it. 
9. Black Milk Mermaid Leggings [AUS $80 Approx £51]
Because my long red wig needs a companion and so I can pretend to be Ariel forever. Minus the part where I have to live in the sea because that'd suck, like the sea. SUUUCK. My size is currently out of stock but I'll probably just fork out the money for them as soon as they're back in stock!  
10. Loungefly Embossed Hello Kitty Bag [£54.99]
Admittedly I'm already getting the lavender version for christmas, but from the inch i've seen of the bag i'm getting it's already enough to make me want it in mint too! 

What are you lusting after and/or hoping will pop up in the sales? 

Monday, 17 December 2012

Sugar & Vice Review: Bones Bones Bones!

While reviewing my newest piece of Sugar & Vice jewellery I realised I still hadn't written or posted a review for the bone earrings and necklace I had bought a while back. At this point I can't remember exact postage times, however It was pretty fast!

This necklace actually came about when they posted their halloween items and I asked if they would or could create bone themed jewellery, sparkly bone jewellery! And low and behold a few days later some gorgeous sparkly bone jewellery appeared in their shop. I bought some earrings and a necklace.

The necklace came in this gorgeous box with Sugar & Vice printed on to it

The bones at attached earring posts and are really nice and big

The necklace has 7 bones on it which hang from a chain, I really love how realistic the bone shapes are but are also feel comical and unique. I love the way they sit on the neck.
Something else I love about this necklace which i forgot to photograph is if you flip it around the backs of the bones are white and you can wear it that way too! Making this necklace two in one! Glitter for nights out and white for a more realistic mono feel!

All Sugar & Vice necklaces have little engraved tags, what I really liked about this one was the tag was bone shaped! Which I thought was such a nice little extra touch!

Overall I am so happy with these items, I wear them a lot and always get compliments

  • Handmade, unique design
  • Amazing service, if you are a Facebook fan a lot (if not all) interaction will come from Sarah who is hands down the most legit woman I think maybe ever.
  • They listen to design ideas and also do custom orders (Review of mine coming soon!)
  • Reversible Necklace (if you want!)
  • Comes in a really cute box, well packaged and come relatively quickly 

  • You have to wait for it to arrive, this is only a con if you're an "I want it now" kind of person

You can still purchase the earrings and necklace on their Etsy shop:

Also make sure to check out the following S&V links:

Etsy Shop:
Sarah's Instagram: @sarahbdemented
Facebook Fan Page:

Hope this was helpful! I really can't recommend them enough! 

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Treasure Tuesday: Tasty Trinkets

I've been finding some really amazing food themed jewellery recently, some of which looks so real that the temptation to take a bite is a little too much! Alas at the end of the day it's all inedible, but that doesn't mean you can't rocks these tasty treats everyday! 

You'll also notice a majority of my TT featured items are from etsy, this is because I love supporting and promoting independent and small businesses and brands! 

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