Friday, 16 November 2012

Wishlist Wednesday (14/11/12)

Okay so I'm aware today is actually Friday! But Wishlist Friday hardly rolls off the tongue. I meant to post this two days ago but I got sidetracked! Regardless here it is, the things I'm craving this week.

This has got to be one of the most amazing necklaces I've seen in a while. It's incredibly cute and such a unique idea, I love HOYFC because they always make such lovely jewellery. Sadly I am yet to own any as it's a little higher then I like to spend on jewellery. Although I would love to purchase this when I have some spare cash!

I am a big fan on the Sleek Pout Paints as I suffer from lipstick paranoia. If I have lipstick on I spend my entire day checking my lips and licking and fiddling with them that I just end up ruining what I've put on. So when I first discovered OCC I was amazed with the product but at the time they weren't for sale in the UK. When Sleek released their Pout Paints I decided to invest in them instead, I love the freedom, But this colour from OCC is so wonderful, I would love to have it readily available everyday without having to mix the right shade myself! 

I just quite like the look of this, I really love Tony Moly products and I've never really owned any kind of powder but from the reviews I've seen this ones really nice! :D 

Every once in a while you'll find something you desperately want and your brain just gives you reasons why the high price is ok and it will never let you make excuses. This would be it. They're more than double what I've spent on shoes before. I know there are a few replica's / copies but I almost feel I would rather just save up and fork out for a real pair then an imitation. I just know the quality will be far superior. What irk's me is the International price is nearly £40 more at a sale price, which makes me wonder if I should just wait until I go to Japan to get myself a pair! All I have to say is, dear life, please give me money for my feet are so sad without these shoes. 


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