Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Treasure Tuesday: Stocking Fillers

I'm a believer that it's never too early to prepare for Christmas I did some major christmas shopping yesterday, I managed to get some big presents and a bunch of wonderful stocking fillers.  Here are some ideas for affordable yet lovely / fun stocking fillers! 

Everything Pictured is Under £5 (Excluding postage)
I've tried to choose as many items as I can which can be bought in store where possible to save on postage costs!

#1 This is always a favourite for me, I sometimes get these for people for no reason other then because I can. Lego Mini Figure Mystery Packs. These are little lego figures that come in sealed opaque packets and inside every packet is a mystery figure. Every few months they bring out a new series. You can either grab them and hope for the best or do as Jade, Mali and I do and stand in the shop fondling the packages (This step is optional, but fun)

£1.99 Each (WH Smith, Supermarkets, Online)

2# Punky Pins has a nice selection of stud earrings for £5, although you can get cheaper studs elsewhere these earrings are unique and perfect for people who like a little flare in their jewellery boxes

£5.00 (Online Only)

3# I love getting these at christmas because you can mix and match flavours and they're always wonderful for dieters, I love to get people chocolate but not everyone wants a big block when they're watching their weight, these are guaranteed stocking fillers for my family every year! 

£1.89 each or 3 for £5 (Online and in store)

Yankee Candle Tarts
4# I've known about these for a while but only very recently purchased any. I only recommend these for people who already have tart burners (Although you can pick up brand new burners in charity shops if you keep an eye out) How they work is you place an unpackaged tart into the dish at the top and an unscented tea light in the candle pot below. As it heats up the tart will melt and give off a lovely smell. Each tart lasts around 8 hours and the smell lingers long after the candle below is extinguished

£1.25 (House of Fraser, Clintons and Online)

#5 If you know someone who has a bathtub and loves it to death these are always a good buy, they vary in price, usually around £2-4 each, If you go into lush the staff are always helpful and can find the perfect bomb to suit everyone, they will also show you how the bomb works and what it looks like which is again, fun!
£Varies (Online and in store)

And the rest:

£2.00 (Online and in store) 

£4.00 (Online)

River Island Pearl Cat Ear Headband
£4.00 (Online and in store)

River Island Badges 4 Pack
£3.00 (Online and in store)

£4.99 (Online)

The last thing I will say is always check charity shops, you can often find new / lightly used items such as books and dvd's, I always grab a few bargains for my immediate family / other half because I know they don't mind where items come from. I would suggest caution when choosing where to get certain items from as there are people who will disapprove of dvd's not in shrink wrap or books without perfect spines! 

All image credit to the respective owners


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