Thursday, 15 November 2012

Movember Necklaces for Sale!


So I'm a little late posting this but better late then never! 

This year I really wanted to find a way to raise money for Movember but as I can't grow a moustache I decided to do it in a way I know best! Craftily!

I wanted to share with you why I choose to support Movember this year
This is personal and hard to talk about so I will keep it brief

 When I was 18 my dad died of secondary cancer. He was my hero and I was always his little princess. It was such a challenging time for me but knowing that I had 18 years with a dad who really loved and cared for me made it easier to cope with. I think it's so important to get involved in anything that can help improve care, treatment and the survival rate of serious illnesses.

For every necklace sold I will deposit 50% into my Movember Fund

My page is here:
If you'd rather just donate then make a purchase then that would be amazing

Remember to wear your necklace with pride and not just in November!

Each one of these necklaces is unique and one of a kind

These are Limited Edition and there are only 9 available.
8 come with AB rhinestones which look lovely in artificial light and spectacular in sunlight
The light purple one comes with sweet lavender pearly cabs
You can purchase the necklaces here! At £6.50 they're a steal and £3.25 off the profit will go straight to charity! When your necklace is shipped I will let you know and send you confirmation of the donation!

I ask you to please like and share this with your friends and family!
This is for such a good cause and every little helps (I didn't steal that from Tesco!)

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