Saturday, 3 November 2012

Micro Movie Reviews: James Bond 007: Skyfall


I am a massive movie watcher / cinema goer, and I would like to work that into my blog, so I've decided a new feature on my blog will be Micro Movie Reviews.
There are hundreds of reviews online so rather then giving you a lengthy detailed report, I will give you a short and (generally) spoiler free summary of a film, in a few lines!
(The content will be my opinion and honest feeling about the film featured)

(May contain minor spoilers)

I find there is a definite line between people who love and people who hate James Bond. The films are a bit like movie Marmite.  Personally I'm a huge fan of the sauve, super spy and his ridiculous gadgets. I also tend to avoid the hype so I don't have the chance to be disappointed about the film when I see it.

My Thoughts
Bond, James Bond still hasn't mastered the art of "keeping it in his pants"
Although I suppose that is either part of the charm or an early idea they couldn't shake off.
Less gadgets, more sophistication, a load of city hopping and delicious new Q will be a portion of your viewing pleasure, and the rest is too good to tell!


The only fault with the film was that it had to end!

Here's a plug! I studied Photography along side this beauty, not only is she a very talented photographer but she has a killer set of pipes. I felt this was in keeping with the bond theme and I say it's worth a listen, it's a nice cover, with some variation on the original and her voice brings a new dimension to the song, a more haunting feel!

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  1. It was good it went back to the old school bond. A couple of funny 'what did you expect, an exploding pen' line.


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