Monday, 29 October 2012

October Favourites

While trying to think of something blog about I realised October was nearly over and it was time for a favourites post! I've discovered a good variety of items recently and these are the cream of the crop
So here are my favourite beauty products this month! 

Barry M Blusher - BL1
I've actually had this blusher for a while but I was a little scared to use it because it is a very bright pink, I bought it because I really wanted candy pink doll cheeks. I recently starting using this properly, I use a light wash on the apples of my cheeks and it gives me really sweet doll like cheeks! I can't put this down!

Sugarpill Palette - Heartbreaker Palette
This is my most recent purchase from Sugarpill. I am such a massive fan of their products, and I actually want everything they sell so I decided to save a few quid and opt for a palette rather then buying the products separately. I choose to get the Heartbreaker palette, I wasn't too sure I would like 2pm as a colour but when I played with it I actually really liked it! Mochi is my favourite, I looove the way it applies, such a gorgeous colour. 

O.P.I Nail Polish - On Her Majesty's Secret Service (From Skyfall Collection)
Recently John Lewis opened in Exeter, I've no interest in anything they sell except for O.P.I! I went in knowing I needed to buy a polish, ANY POLISH. As they had the Skyfall collection I decided to pick a colour, I chose this one as it's just gorgeous in sunlight. It's a gunmetal grey with really unique duo-chrome shimmer.

Tony & Guy Sea Salt Spray
Everyone's been talking about Sea Salt Sprays recently, but I didn't want to spend a lot on something I'd never tried. Boot's we're selling it 1/3rd off the original price so I thought I'd get one, I use it in dry hair and give it a little scrunch and it gives my tips a nice wave / texture as they're so straight and boring naturally! 

L'oreal Super Liner in Intense Black
I've been looking for a really thin liner for a while but I wanted a felt tipped one as I find them easier to use, this one is perfect!

Lush - Ultrabland
I had been hearing about how wonderful this product was from my friend Jade. When I was in Lush the lovely shop girl was showing me and another girl how good it was and I caved and bought the smaller tub. I tend to go for facewipes to remove make-up because it's more convenient but they tend to either hurt my eyes or leave them feeling irritated afterwards, I've also tried liquids and creams for removing makeup but this is in a league of it's own. I apply it to my face and rub it in, I also close my eyes and rub it across my lashes and with a warm damp flannel I remove everything, it leaves my skin feeling very soft, and most of all it's as gentle as using water, my eye's always feel fine afterwards! I really love this product and couldn't imagine using anything else!  

Lush - Angels on Bare Skin
This is another product I got from the trip the Lush above, I wanted soemthing I could use daily but that wasn't too harsh on my skin, It leaves my skin feeling incredibly clean, like I have just used a mask but quicker and less effort! 

So this is everything! I imagine these will still be my favourites in november but I'll have to try and find something equally as wonderful! Thank's for looking!
What have you been loving this month?


  1. I love Sugarpill too! Just got an order from them as well... I got their limited edition shade and a few other things. =D I have all three palettes! They're fun, aren't they?

  2. Wow, the Sugarpill packaging is so incredibly cute!! I might have to look into their stuff ^_^

    Thanks so much for your lovely comments, Fashion Monster has been stuck in my head for days! You're most welcome to put the photos in your inspiration folder, I'd be honoured. If you ever want to put them online anywhere just link to please and I'll be a happy bunny ^_^

    Florrie x


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