Monday, 1 October 2012

Cute Can Kill Review

There are a few companies in the world that I love beyond all explanation.
One of these companies are Cute Can Kill. What was once a dream team duo has become one. (The other girl has her own adventure called Ciali in Kawaiiland, you can see my review here)
However the current owner / designer Lila has one of the most exquisite creative imaginations I have ever come across. Not only are the designs incredibly unique but they are so so cute!

For me her jewellery is the definition of cute. However there is a catch. Because she is just one lovely lady that makes all the jewellery there is often big gaps between shop updates and due to how popular they are you have to be pretty on the ball to get the best pieces. I have two rings from CCK which I got quite a while ago. I never seem to have money during the other updates. This time by some miracle I had just checked Facebook and seen a post which said she was just about to update the shop! I managed to get two necklaces (One of which I really wanted from the last update) and a pair of earrings. 

The items came packaged in a cute little pink bag and was tied up with a bow.
There was a sweet note attached to the front.

What I really like about CCK is that extra personal touch! Plus, pink pen!

Each item comes in it's own little self seal bag and each one has a lovely pastel artwork backing which is all drawn by the owner herself!

The first I got was this wonderful pegasus unicorn necklace. It's made using glitter resin and is a mixture of lovely shades. There is also a heart charm with Cute Can Kill hand painted on it.
This is one of the most amazing things I have ever seen, let alone owned!
I never thought I would of been able to get my hands on one but I did! 
And I am so happy with it!

Next up are these lovely pastel pink glitter heart earrings. 
They're a really nice size, not too big but big enough to make an impact!

The last one is similar to a necklace I missed out in previous update. 
Although pink and purple are my favourite combination I actually really loved the combination on this necklace! I really love the glitter and the colour transition!

The necklace comes on a cute plastic pink chain and is closed with a large lobster clasp.

I am very happy with my purchases and I overjoyed that I managed to get he pieces that I wanted. When you buy them she will email you asking for your shipping preference. I chose the standard because I didn't have much money, but I know the Italian postal service can be pretty horrendous. As the items are so unique, it may be worth opting for the registered if you don't want to take the risk!

The items arrived in abut 7-10 days (I can't remember but it wasn't to bad! I think it was closer to 7 days.)

Each piece is well made, they're not full of air bubbles, They're sanded on the backs so they're smooth and there are no rough parts. The fastenings are all very secure. A lot of the items have painted accents.  The items are really unique and one of a kind pieces. You know that you will always be wearing something no one else will! 

So out of 5 stars I would rate it 100, okay... 6. FINE 5.
Either way, amazing. 


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  1. I LOVE CCK too! Besides Lila is super adorable her creations are amazing,I´m such a huge fan too
    ヾ(≧ω ≦)ノ I´m always tuned to her news!
    great review =)


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