Monday, 22 October 2012

Cicely Margo Review

For a good few years I have been lusting after some jewellery from Cicely Margo.
I am a follower of her Flickr, specifically stalking her I Want Candy folder, because for anyone who loves colour and jewellery as much as I do, it's an absolute dream!

So after a long week at work I decided to treat myself at last, I have always loved these necklaces and seeing it on Twinkie Chan just made me want it even more!

The website is very easy to navigate and has a simple (but nice!) layout.
I placed my order on 2nd October and the necklace was shipped on the 3rd.
I'm afraid I don't have any pictures of the packaging as it arrived on my birthday and I was too excited to wait! It came inside a bubble mailer and was wrapped up in lots of tissue paper (There might of been some extra bubble wrap but I don't remember!)

The necklace it's self is a huge glittery pink heart made from resin, the back is flat and the rest of the heart is entirely covered in AB Rhinestones. It's really sparkly, I made a short video just to show you!

The back of the necklace has a gold bail which is attached to a sturdy gold chain.

There is a cute little extender with a pink faceted bead

What I really love is the little custom Cicely Margo tag, it's such a wonderful touch!

I am really pleased with this necklace, it meets all my expectations, Cicely (I believe that's her name!) makes wonderful products that are truly unique, and I'd say well priced, The necklace was $35 and shipping to the UK was around $3 which is incredible. The postage price does increase with more items but only slightly, I hate buying from companies that have a high starting price for postage as it tends to put me off if I only want one item.

The shipping was fast, the jewellery is lovely and incredibly well made, and well priced.
I wrote her a rambling comment on Facebook and her reply was really nice so I'm going to say her communication is good also!

Overall I would give Cicely Margo 5/5 as I literally can't find fault!

As I am typing this I have a giant gummy bear necklace in my shopping cart that I am debating purchasing! (The only thing putting me off is I should really be saving...and I kind of want the sold out pink one more :( ) 

Twitter: @cicelymargo

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