Friday, 28 September 2012

My New Mini Moo Cards

For a few years now I have been getting cards from They are a printing site, with a lot of  freedom. The quality of their products are amazing, however make sure you read their requirements for printing. This is my 3rd set of Mini Cards and my favourite set by far.

I got this set for free but for 100 cards the price is £10.19.

The last batch I got I forgot to change the colour profile and sent them in RGB format, when I got the cards they looked grey and dull, I was really sad but after emailing Moo they we're really kind and offered to either reprint them in the right format or give me a coupon for another 100 cards for free with free postage. 

This time I made sure I got the right colour profile and waited patiently for them to come. I was worried that they would still look bad but when they came I was overjoyed. They're perfect!

I made my order on 23rd September at 10pm, I was sent an email saying they would arrive by the 2nd October, but they actually came today 28th September! Which was really fast!

With Moo Mini Cards you can choose up to 100 different images, you can also choose to have an image / text etc on the back of the card. I chose to use a bunch of different images on one side and then a logo and contact details on the reverse. 

The site is really easy to use and helps you during the process. 

Overall I would say the price is fair, it's definitely good for the quality and freedom you get. However if you're looking for quantity over quality then I would opt for something cheaper.

These are my cards! They're so lovely, I chose the gloss finish (which is new to the site) and they make the photos more vibrant! 

The cards come in a nice little box and each box has a little cardboard sleeve

The back of the sleeve has some details and info on them. I love that they're all eco n' shit. (haha)

Thanks for looking! I fully recommend!

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