Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Impromptu OOTD

I've wanted to do outfit of the day's for a while but I always wanted them to be nicely shot and look profesional. Sadly I don't have anyone to take the photos and whenever I dress up I literally don't have the time for these things! 

So I decided while out shopping to do a little OOTD!

Sorry it's just a phone snap! I'll try and do better ones next time! :) 

I wont include prices because I really don't remember what any of it cost sorry!

Gillet / Denim Crop ~ Primark
Lavender Cardigan ~ Uniqlo
Pony-Pegasus-Uni Top ~ Primark
Polka Dot Heart Jeans ~ River Island
Necklace ~ Cute Can Kill
Ring ~ Made by me!
Bow & Shoes ~ Swimmer (JP)
Pins / Etc ~ Swimmer, Disney, Topshop Etc


Thank you!

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