Thursday, 27 September 2012

I won my first ever giveaway...So he's a tiny review!

I recently won my first ever giveaway!
 It was for a Sugar & Vice necklace over at JetleyMess' blog.

I thought I would do a little review for anyone who might be interested in the company!
I have been a fan of Sugar & Vice for a good while now, probably back when they first opened their Etsy shop. I am ashamed to say this is the only piece I have from them, although I have plans for many more, very soon!

The necklace came is this nice blue gift box which had wadding / padding inside 

The giveaway was for their Cat Cameo Necklace

The necklace is really lovely, it's made from a turquoise acrylic setting with a fleur de lis pattern, engraved kitty paws and a white kitty in the centre! It's a nice big size, I love my jewellery chunky so I was really happy about this. Everything is of a really high standard.

The chain has a little Sugar and Vice tag!

My only issue with this was that the little connecter that you use to close the necklace fell off before I had even gotten it on, although as everything else was well made, sturdy and high quality I'm sure it was a very rare occurrence. 

So I love this necklace, It's really lovely, I have my eye on about 10 items from their shop! So if my birthday (12th October *winkwinkhinthint*) would come a little faster that would be great!

I fully recommend them, their communication on FB is wonderful, the items are very high quality and above all the pieces are truly unique!
(They also get points for the Game of Thrones, Avengers and Dinosaur Jewellery!)



  1. Oh yay, I'm so glad you like it! And I'm incredibly sorry about the chain! Is it wearable? If not, let me know and I can send you an address to send it to us for a quick fix :)


    1. I loveeeee it! It's totally wearable yeah! And I can fix it :) I have more jewellery supplies the hobby craft so :D haha<3

    2. Maybe we could do a collaboration one day :) xxx


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