Friday, 28 September 2012

My New Mini Moo Cards

For a few years now I have been getting cards from They are a printing site, with a lot of  freedom. The quality of their products are amazing, however make sure you read their requirements for printing. This is my 3rd set of Mini Cards and my favourite set by far.

I got this set for free but for 100 cards the price is £10.19.

The last batch I got I forgot to change the colour profile and sent them in RGB format, when I got the cards they looked grey and dull, I was really sad but after emailing Moo they we're really kind and offered to either reprint them in the right format or give me a coupon for another 100 cards for free with free postage. 

This time I made sure I got the right colour profile and waited patiently for them to come. I was worried that they would still look bad but when they came I was overjoyed. They're perfect!

I made my order on 23rd September at 10pm, I was sent an email saying they would arrive by the 2nd October, but they actually came today 28th September! Which was really fast!

With Moo Mini Cards you can choose up to 100 different images, you can also choose to have an image / text etc on the back of the card. I chose to use a bunch of different images on one side and then a logo and contact details on the reverse. 

The site is really easy to use and helps you during the process. 

Overall I would say the price is fair, it's definitely good for the quality and freedom you get. However if you're looking for quantity over quality then I would opt for something cheaper.

These are my cards! They're so lovely, I chose the gloss finish (which is new to the site) and they make the photos more vibrant! 

The cards come in a nice little box and each box has a little cardboard sleeve

The back of the sleeve has some details and info on them. I love that they're all eco n' shit. (haha)

Thanks for looking! I fully recommend!

Thursday, 27 September 2012

I won my first ever giveaway...So he's a tiny review!

I recently won my first ever giveaway!
 It was for a Sugar & Vice necklace over at JetleyMess' blog.

I thought I would do a little review for anyone who might be interested in the company!
I have been a fan of Sugar & Vice for a good while now, probably back when they first opened their Etsy shop. I am ashamed to say this is the only piece I have from them, although I have plans for many more, very soon!

The necklace came is this nice blue gift box which had wadding / padding inside 

The giveaway was for their Cat Cameo Necklace

The necklace is really lovely, it's made from a turquoise acrylic setting with a fleur de lis pattern, engraved kitty paws and a white kitty in the centre! It's a nice big size, I love my jewellery chunky so I was really happy about this. Everything is of a really high standard.

The chain has a little Sugar and Vice tag!

My only issue with this was that the little connecter that you use to close the necklace fell off before I had even gotten it on, although as everything else was well made, sturdy and high quality I'm sure it was a very rare occurrence. 

So I love this necklace, It's really lovely, I have my eye on about 10 items from their shop! So if my birthday (12th October *winkwinkhinthint*) would come a little faster that would be great!

I fully recommend them, their communication on FB is wonderful, the items are very high quality and above all the pieces are truly unique!
(They also get points for the Game of Thrones, Avengers and Dinosaur Jewellery!)


Wednesday, 26 September 2012

When you wish upon a star....

...You might find some NARS - Rated R.

Today I am going to tell you a story about my eternal lust for a beauty product.
I have been desiring and swatching a certain NARS eyeshadow duo for about 4 years.

NARS - Rated R.

Every time I saw it I would swatch it and then walk away when I remembered the horrific price tag attached to it (£24 incase you we're wondering). I have only ever wanted one NARS duo and it is this one.

Recently when out on an expedition with Jade in Bristol. We did a bit of charity shopping in Gloucester road. In one shop (I forget which) I noticed something familiar in the corner of my eye. That matte black casing and two bright shadows. I couldn't actually believe what I was seeing. It still has a plastic and looked unused. It was in a cabinet so I assumed it had to be high priced. Jade sneaked at the price and looked at me "Guess how much it is?" I winced and said eeeeehh I don't know!

It was the bargain price of £5


How is that even possible? Unused, With the Plastic?
So obviously I had to buy it and I now own my favourite NARS shadow duo!

My camera actually didn't want to pick up the colours but I assure you they're lovely!

The moral of this story is you should always give charity shops a go! 

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Impromptu OOTD

I've wanted to do outfit of the day's for a while but I always wanted them to be nicely shot and look profesional. Sadly I don't have anyone to take the photos and whenever I dress up I literally don't have the time for these things! 

So I decided while out shopping to do a little OOTD!

Sorry it's just a phone snap! I'll try and do better ones next time! :) 

I wont include prices because I really don't remember what any of it cost sorry!

Gillet / Denim Crop ~ Primark
Lavender Cardigan ~ Uniqlo
Pony-Pegasus-Uni Top ~ Primark
Polka Dot Heart Jeans ~ River Island
Necklace ~ Cute Can Kill
Ring ~ Made by me!
Bow & Shoes ~ Swimmer (JP)
Pins / Etc ~ Swimmer, Disney, Topshop Etc


Thank you!

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Shop Spotlight: Donna The Dead

I recently found this shop via a Facebook shout-out. From coffee cozies to Halloween spookies to loved up octopus jewellery this shop is truly unique and fun! Everything is handmade and beautifully crafted. She will also remake a piece for you if what you really love is sold out!

My favourite pieces are the Octo / Squid themed items! 

Steampunk Love! <3

And my absolute favourite

I am going to purchase the mint / lavender octo's as soon as I can afford it! They're so beautiful! 
Expect a review as soon as I get it! :) 

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Lockshop Wigs Review

Today will be a Lockshop Wigs review and your first real glimpse at my face! Wonderful.

This is my second time ordering from Lockshop. I made my order on 24th August and received 4 e-mails total in regards to my order and it's status. My package arrived on 31th August. The shipping was very fast and the communication was very good.

Follow the cut for pictures galore! 

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Superpill Review and Swatches

If you're feeling a little under the weather you better take your Sugarpill

 My order came packaged in this cute little Sugarpill printed box, I had no idea when I made my order what the packaging would be like so I was so excited when this came threw the post!

Inside everything is wrapped in pink tissue paper and had my invoice and a hand written thank you, I always love when people do that, it's such a nice touch!

 I ordered 5 loose eyeshadows, 2 sets of lashes, 1 Duo lash glue and 1 kitty sticker. All orders actually come with a big Sugarpill sticker for free! I will only be showing you the eyeshadows in this post as I've not actually used the lashes (I tend to buy them on a whim and then never ever wear them) But they are only $5 so they're not too expensive at all. 

The shadows come boxed in these beautiful Sugarpill boxes. On the bottom has stickers with the name of the colour, ingredients and other important details on. I love that each colour has it's own icon (Dingbat!) and the fact that they are vegan and cruelty free is wonderful.

The eyeshadows come in cylinder pots, they're clear so you can see the product and have black tops with the Sugarpill logo printed on the top. The logo isn't a transfer so they're not going to get scratched off. On the bottom again has a sticker with shadow names and important information! 

Colours from Left to Right

Goldilux, Paperdoll, Hysteric, Birthday Girl, Darling

Without primer in daylight 

With Two Faced Shadow Insurance in daylight

With primer and in sunlight 

With flash

And finally I uploaded a video to really show the sparkle of the shadows! They all have a gorgeous glitter / shimmer to them which look incredible in sunlight. 


Pricing: Each shadow is priced at $12 each, which considering you get 5grams it's incredible for the price.
They have an on-going offer which is free world wide shipping when you spend over $75
Which is what I did, so I managed to get everything I wanted with free shipping!

Communication / Shipping: The communication was good, I didn't have much of it (as it wasn't needed) but what I did was good, I was sent email updates when my order status had changed. My parcel arrived around 1-2 weeks after I made my order which is neither bad nor good.

Product Quality: The shadows them self are spectacular, they are very pigmented which means you need a lot less product to get a good colour pay off. The shadows are made even more wonderful when using an eyeshadow primer or applying them wet. My favourite is Darling because it's such a beautifully unique colour! 

Overall: I would give them 5 out of 5. The products are amazing, the postage was no worse then any other package I have received from the US, It's usually down to the postal service. The dispatch time was very good though! I already have another 10+ items I want to order when I have the money (I actually want every eye product they sell anyway but that may take a while!) I also really love that they're cruelty free and vegan friendly. I think in this day and age there really is no excuse for testing on animals! 

TL;DR: I love Sugarpill! 

Thanks for reading! :)

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