Thursday, 26 July 2012

NOTD: Lavender Sparkles

Just a quick NOTD. 
FYI, I am a bit lazy with the neatness at the moment because my nails are in a state and my job leaves my nails chipped and destroyed half way through my shifts!

SAD FACE. (Stephen Merchant? ANYONE? No, okay)

(Also, I spent AGES trying to tidy them up but apparently I didn't do so well )

Base: Rimmel 3 in 1 (Nail Envy is coming!)
First Coat: Topshop Chase
Second: Topshop Razzmatazz
Top Coat: Seche Vite

Sparkle Party! Topshop glitter polishes have the most amazing glitter in them!


  1. I love glitter nails! Can't have them at my job though :(

    1. Aww thats no good! Why not?
      Im luckily I can kinda wear/do what I want for work. But my nails never last long because it's such a heavy handed job :(

      I wonder what they're like on hair colour tho. Im tempted to dip dye my hair. maybe a lighter colour so I can test bright colours and see what I prefer...not sure they'd dig me with pink hair? But who knows haha

  2. I love Topshop nail polish :) Want to pick up some more when I have a chance! x

    1. Their glitters are amazing. they now have their pastels but they're now shimmery rather then solid opaque! Theyre amazing. <3

  3. So cute! I adore glittery polishes! *__*

    Mind if I ask what part of England you're from? It's cool to see other bloggers that geek about loli fashion etc. so much xx have yet to see anyone around here that seems interested in it!

    Rose Eva

    1. Me too! They're so yummy, I want some indie brand ones but they sell out so fast so i never get the chance! Topshop so amazing ones though!

      Im from Exeter, it's in the southwest but I have friends in Bristol and my boyfriend now lives in cambridge so i dot around. mostly exeter though! Yourself?

      I don't know anyone here that likes it! I have a friend that's into decora but I dont see her enough! :( I really want a loli friend! I only have like one dress so I'd probably feel inadequate and sad though ahhaa. I think i just want more friends who like what I do but don't have big budgets haha :D



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