Wednesday, 25 July 2012

I'm Back! & Shop Spotlight

Hello! Sorry I've been M.I.A for a while, I got swamped with work and then I went away!
I'm back now and I'll have a few new posts for you this week and will also have a jewellery update for my shop!

I want to tell you about a shop I found while away in Cambridge. It's a cute little vintage shop on the corner of Grafton Shopping Center. I don't usually find things I want in vintage shops because I tend to only want kitschy / twee things, which are either hard to find or never my size.

I was attracted to this shop initially for the name. "Jemporium Vintage" It felt a little more personal then your average vintage shop. I also learnt afterwards when reading their website that they search extensively for the best bargains so they can offer good prices, and the best quality products. I also really liked that they stock such a range of sizes (from XS - XXL).

Now you know when you visit a shop and you see one item thats either in the wrong place, or on display and it's perfect to your taste...and your exact size. You can't help but feel you we're supposed to buy it! I found this delicious cardigan which is incredibly suited to my tastes. It's in top condition, very thick and comfy (Too bad the sun FINALLY decides to come out now!) 

I'm not entirely sure who owns the shop (I can assume a girl called Jem!) When I went, there was a girl there working and her mum was there too (Giving her a shoulder rub! If only thats what every job could offer) So I can assume she is Jem. The girl was really lovely, I tried on the cardi and went to purchase it. 

It came in this adorable white and mint striped back with Jemporium Vintage hand stamped on it.

She also gave me a free keyring / badge (oh freebies  <3)

This is the cardigan I got, It is "Free Size" and cost £20

This is an amazing shop and one I will also visit whenever I'm in Cambridge!

For shop photos, info and more visit their website

Thank you for reading!

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  1. Very cute cardigan, lovely xx Will have to make my way over there some day ;)

    Rose Eva


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