Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Collective Haul - July

Just to let you know this is pretty picture heavy!
I have been shopping quite a lot this month, especially as I went to Cambridge/London so I have decided to make this one giant haul rather then bombarding you with lots of separate little ones!

F21 Spike Necklace £7.40

H&M Origami Necklace (I like to call this my Heavy Rain necklace!) £4.99

Topshop Geometric animal print earrings £6.50

F21 Spike bracelet £3.90
F21 Heart ring £1.50
F21 Heart earrings £3.15 
F21 Geometric earrings £3.15

China Town Little Twin Stars pencil case £3.99
China Town Endless Edameme Charm £2.99
China Town Badges 5 for £1

These we're gifts from my boyfriend Scotty! <3
Topshop Lipgloss: Bubblegum £6.00, Polish: Razzmatazz £6.00, Highlighter: Sunbeam £10.00

Topshop Cross half hoop earrings £6.50

New Look Giant black rock ring £3.99

Paperchase Pink Glitter Notebook £5
Paperchase Various adorbz stickers £1 each (5)

Topshop Chase £6.00

Boots Lot's of new skin care bits! £Various

River Island Misc cross earrings £6.00

Forbidden Planet Grim Leaper 1+2, Adventure Time, Deadpool comics £MISC
Forbidden Planet Doctor Who travel pass case! £2.99

MISC Mountain Dew £1.49 (T_T) Hi-Chew Grape £ERR KERA £10.20

Pink bow from a shop in Trocadero 

Topshop Lace top socks  3 for £8


F21 Bodysuit £11.50

Uniqlo Lace cut-out oversize t-shirt £7.90 (Sale)

F21 Heart collared shirt £8.99

Uniqlo Flannel Shirt £19.90

Avant Guarde Charity shop wild card, it's kinda oversized, looks pretty lush on. £UNKNOWN

Topshop Horse print collared shirt £12.00 (Sale)

F21 Polkadot dress £19.75

Uniqlo Hello Kitty t-shirt £4.90 (Sale)

New Look Lavender cardigan £19.99

New Look Jumper £9.99

H&M Denim collared shirt (Said £19.99 but was actually £14.99!)

H&M Lace collared shirt £19.99

H&M Pattern knit jumper £14.99

H&M Sports Crop £1.99

H&M Sports Crop £1.99

I buy far too much!
Thank you for looking! 

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