Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Treasure Tuesday 3: Under the Sea

Todays Treasure will be Seaside Fun! All things Sun, Sea and Sand related.
I actually don't like the beach and I am far too terrified by the sea however, there is some super cute beach themed jewellery in the world!

This post is for Jade

Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Sea Side

Collective Haul - July

Just to let you know this is pretty picture heavy!
I have been shopping quite a lot this month, especially as I went to Cambridge/London so I have decided to make this one giant haul rather then bombarding you with lots of separate little ones!

F21 Spike Necklace £7.40

H&M Origami Necklace (I like to call this my Heavy Rain necklace!) £4.99

Topshop Geometric animal print earrings £6.50

F21 Spike bracelet £3.90
F21 Heart ring £1.50
F21 Heart earrings £3.15 
F21 Geometric earrings £3.15

China Town Little Twin Stars pencil case £3.99
China Town Endless Edameme Charm £2.99
China Town Badges 5 for £1

These we're gifts from my boyfriend Scotty! <3
Topshop Lipgloss: Bubblegum £6.00, Polish: Razzmatazz £6.00, Highlighter: Sunbeam £10.00

Topshop Cross half hoop earrings £6.50

New Look Giant black rock ring £3.99

Paperchase Pink Glitter Notebook £5
Paperchase Various adorbz stickers £1 each (5)

Topshop Chase £6.00

Boots Lot's of new skin care bits! £Various

River Island Misc cross earrings £6.00

Forbidden Planet Grim Leaper 1+2, Adventure Time, Deadpool comics £MISC
Forbidden Planet Doctor Who travel pass case! £2.99

MISC Mountain Dew £1.49 (T_T) Hi-Chew Grape £ERR KERA £10.20

Pink bow from a shop in Trocadero 

Topshop Lace top socks  3 for £8


F21 Bodysuit £11.50

Uniqlo Lace cut-out oversize t-shirt £7.90 (Sale)

F21 Heart collared shirt £8.99

Uniqlo Flannel Shirt £19.90

Avant Guarde Charity shop wild card, it's kinda oversized, looks pretty lush on. £UNKNOWN

Topshop Horse print collared shirt £12.00 (Sale)

F21 Polkadot dress £19.75

Uniqlo Hello Kitty t-shirt £4.90 (Sale)

New Look Lavender cardigan £19.99

New Look Jumper £9.99

H&M Denim collared shirt (Said £19.99 but was actually £14.99!)

H&M Lace collared shirt £19.99

H&M Pattern knit jumper £14.99

H&M Sports Crop £1.99

H&M Sports Crop £1.99

I buy far too much!
Thank you for looking! 

Monday, 30 July 2012

Instagram - July

1. Shopping Trip. 2. Tony Moly 3. NOTD 4. Cambridge 5. Shopping A 6. Shopping B. 7. Lemon Meringue Sundae 8. Calzone 9. Wildwood 10. Hello Kitty Jelly Beans 11. Presents 12. S&G + Essie 13. Out with mama 14. TOUCAN! 15. Stars. 16. Things 17. I've. 18. Made. 19. Pastels 20. My favourite resin ring I've made so far 21. Pony Sweethearts 22. Prize! 23. Arcade Token 24. Prezzo

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