Friday, 15 June 2012

Youtube-r Spotlight


I've always loved and watched make-up, fashion and video game youtube channels, I follow far more people then I can keep up with but I tend to stumble across one that I like and watch every single one of their videos. One of the newest one's I've found is Beccas' (). At first her videos were a bit like a bruise, it's annoying but you keep poking it, after going back and watching some of her older videos I started to really warm to her. She's reminds me a lot of a friends I have, a bit awkward, a little lacking in self-confidence but ultimately a real sweetheart with a love for fashion and style. Seriously, I'm getting too into this explanation, err what? ANYWAY. Check her out for Hauls, Reviews and How-To's 

Picture from her Tumblr

 Youtube Channel: 

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