Sunday, 24 June 2012

Payday Purchases (22-6-12) / Post


Due to Natwests' epic 
failure I only actually spent £13, which was in topshop.
I got two things in the post on saturday (as I am posting this on sunday) 

When my pay finally arrived in my bank account late friday night I managed to spent £50 online by 3am, which led me to my spending ban, but I will do reviews/hauls once those items arrive.

I have a Models Own review coming after this post, I will be reviewing the online shop, the service and the products.
Topshop Products
(all items we're in the sale!)

I've wanted these socks for ages as they are just fricking adorable. The anchor earrings I have in mint, but the pink ones we're half price on sale! The other earrings just looked fun!

Bunny Socks (£2.00) Anchor Earrings (£2.00) Triangle Earrings (£3.25)

This set was reduced from £13, I've gotten quite into topshop polishes as they come is such wonderful colours, I mainly got this for the pink polish but I don't own a silver polish and I had never tried crackle polish before. I will have swatches on these in my next post.

Nail Polish Trio (£6.00)

Polish Close Ups
L-R: Starlight, Chaos Theory, Peeping Tom

and in the post came this baby! I have always suffered from peeling, chipped nails. Even from the get go. I paint my nails and SOMETHING always goes wrong within 10 minutes and they always end up ruined, because of this I pretty much stopped bothering with my nails for a long time.
My friend Ali suggested I invested in the Seche Vite topcoat, I knew that high price products usually work wonders but I am always hesitant, but as I had started really putting effort into my nails I wanted them to stay put. She pointed me in the right direction to get it for the best price, I found it on amazon for £7.95 with free postage. I've used it once...and oh man. I will never go back. It dries so fast, doesn;t smudge the polish I put it on and it's beautiful, it's been about 6 hours since I painted my nails and they're still perfect (for me, this is incredible) my nails look so nice! I have work tonight so I will be putting it to the real test then!

  Seche Vite Top Coat (£7.95)

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