Sunday, 17 June 2012

Payday Purchases (15-6-2012)

A bit late posting this as I was working!
I thought I was start posting little "hauls". I get paid weekly on a friday and I tend to have great trouble not spending it the same day. I tried to spend as little as possible this week as I'm saving for Cambridge / London :D

Enjoy <3

I popped intro River Island and got some of there cute little studs, I also picked up these adorable minty anchor earrings in Topshop

Leopard Print Heart Studs (£1.50) / Silver Cross Studs (£1.50)
Minty Anchor Earrings (£4.00)

I couldn't resist this, I've been trying to find the right lavender/lilac polish for a while and I do kind of love the packaging.

Topshop Nail Polish in Parma Violet (£5.00)

I then toddled over to H&M, I didn't find much as I don't usually like the jewellery at H&M.
They had some bits on offer (Buy one get one free) and I really wanted the heart studs, I didn't actually want anything else but it was free so I grabbed the bow necklace. The chain is monster long though so I might shorten that! I also got a hair band that has a metal studded hoop to cover the band! Looks fun.

Hair Band with Stud-Style Hoop (£3.99) Bow Necklace (£3.99) Heart Studs (£2.99) (These we're free)

Then I caved and thought I'd give the Fashionista Mix and Match palette a go! They had an offer where you could get 4 shadows / blushes and an empty palette for £10. If you bought they all separately if would cost £21! I thought I would give them a go as they all seem very pigmented and had really nice colours. 

I got one of each palette colour

I chose two blush shades, two shades for highlighting and 4 eyeshadows.
Colours from left to right (e) = eyeshadow, (b) = blush
First Row: Sweet Kiss (e), Flush (b), Clear Sky (e), Amorous (e)
Second Row: Cafe Au Lait (e), Rose Thrill (b), Envy (e) Golden Glow (e)

Annnnnd then I just stocked up on some store cupboard food, Sushi Rice, Noodles and Seaweed :)

Total: £40 + about £5 for the food

Thanks for reading!


  1. Some lovely bits you have bought :) I love the colours on the palette and the nail polish is such a good colour for the summer, also the bow necklace is so cute :)

    Tanesha x

  2. Thanks sweetie :) Yeah, I couldn't believe the price for the palettes, I want to do a review once i've tested them all, I've tried a few and they're definitely vibrant enough!

    I've been looking for that colour fo so long, I painted my nails mint and lilac and added white polkadots, I feel so summery and cute! :D Im also giving the necklace a chance with the long chain, its not AS long as I thought.

    Thanks <3


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