Monday, 21 May 2012

T-shirt (Design) Of The Week!

Hello Cuties

Excuse the double post! I'm trying to catch up!

So here is my t-shirt design of the week, actually this design I have been waiting to be printed for a long time, this thursday (24th May) it is being printed on 

This t-shirt is a reference to the game Fallout 3 (Which is my all time favourite game, which I've racked up at least 500 hours of gameplay on and I'm STILL going)

I might even buy know just incase something ever happens to the first tee!


  1. I think I just died! I am going to have to get this! Glad I found a female as obsessed with Fallout as I am!

    1. I didn't think i'd see the day! I must of clocked up about 400 hours on FO3. It's just the most perfect game. I love this tee also! It's my favourite! <3


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