Wednesday, 9 May 2012

T-shirt (Design) of the week!

Here it is, my biggest weakness. T-shirts.  

I have always been partial to tee's with a nice design but the thing I love the most is a nice rare tee's with a vague reference to something I love. It's a bit like my version of a "band tee" Instead of showing the world my favourite band, I'm putting out a vague reference to my favourite movie or game. 
There are companies are popping up left, right and center offering exclusive and cheap t-shirts. 

What could be the downside? Here it is...each tee is only available for 24 hours.
THE PRESSURE! How do I resist? Well lets be honest, I don't!
My favourite site for t-shirts is
The gist of which is: You vote, other people vote, if it's popular it gets printed (At some point)

As it's a British site a lot of the top designs are of British shows, but don't be put off by the barrage of Harry Potter, Sherlock and Doctor Who. The Qwertee staff work very hard to make sure the daily t-shirts are of a good variety

ANYWAY, Enough rambling. Here is my favourite design I've found this week!
If you have an account or you sign up you can vote for this design or any other to be printed!

Oh and here's a runner up, because I'm still in an Avengers mood!


  1. I love t-shirts too but I never wear them because I'm always in dresses :P x

    1. awww, skirts + tee! two part dress!
      I wish I could find dresses I like, they never fit me right.
      I actually just bought another's like I have an addiction! D:


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