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Review: Chibi-Tenshi Shopping Service


Hello Cuties

In my many years of internet surfing I have come across a number of wonderful Japanese brands, however there are a few problems a shopper outside of Japan faces when they want to purchase from these brands.

A lot of brands do not ship outside of Japan
Some brands have products available to the international market but are either limited in stock or incredibly popular which means they sell out...FAST.
Another is that some brands have shops that sell products which are not listed or sold on there online shop

Cuteness ensues under the cut!

I've known about shopping services for a while now. These are companies / people who will purchase the items for you but with added fee's and costs. This is expected of course, but I have always avoided big companies as I prefer to talk someone who seem's genuine and helpful. This is why I chose to use Nicole's shopping service. I had heard many good things and she has over 1500 positive feedback and nothing but gleaming reports on her manner and communication.

Nicole (Chibi-Tenshi) runs a shopping service in Japan. This is essentially like having a personal shopper who can buy you things from Japan that you cannot get elsewhere. She takes a small percentage fee of the items you buy and will charge for train fee's etc.

I have known about Nicoles shopping service for a while but it wasn't until recently when I had some disposable income that I decided to pursue her service. I found the items I wanted online and sent her an email with the items and some other things I was interested in.

I mostly wanted items from Swimmer, including some hard to find sneakers. I also chose some japanese confectionary and a Magazine.

The Shopping

I sent her an e-mail enquiring about her service and the items I wanted. Her replies were detailed and swift. She has wonderful communication. I also asked if she could get me some hair accessories, pin badges, stickers and stationary. As most of these items are not sold on the swimmer website it was hard to tell her exactly which I wanted so I listed things I like and let her roam free and use her better judgement...which to be honest is perfect. Everything she sent me I loved.

She collected my items very quickly, The first time she went to Swimmer for me she had two items missing from her list, when she realised she sent me and email apologising and said she would go back out for me free of charge. I would of said no but I REALLY wanted them (:D!) so she went back that weekend and got me the watch I requested, sadly the socks we're sold out but it's only socks!

The Postage

When weighing up my items she said it came to over 2KG which would of meant it needed to be sent EMS which would of made the postage more expensive then the items I had brought! Being the wonder that she is she offered me an alternative. Sending two packages instead of one, with different options of shipping. I asked if she could send the less valuable items via standard airmail and the more expensive items via insured and tracked airmail.

The Waiting

The first package came within 3 days (woah...) and the second took around a week.
Royal mail have started delivering larger parcels between 8-10am and normal post around 1pm
Safe to say I ran downstairs every time the doorbell went before 10am, sadly, I had two false alarms before my package arrived! *shakes fist*

The Items / Packaging

The first parcel was sent in a stiff envelope and well taped, the items inside arrived in perfect condition, the items were inside a standard plastic bag. 

The second parcel came in a large box taped up with adorable swimmer deco tape. The items were

neatly packed and all arrived in shop bought condition.

Both parcels came with freebies and a hand written note, she also sent me the shopping bags that came with them, which was wonderful as they are SO cute!


 Nicole has brilliant communication and very swift email replies. If she is busy she will let you know before hand or as soon as she's available.

She is happy to search for items, even with vague descriptions. She listens and pays close attention to the things you ask for.

 She sends extras, notes and the shopping backs with her orders.

 She has very good rates and prices and you don't feel cheated out of your money!


5/5 for Everything. 

Highly Recommended! 

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